Popcorn Training’s Cyber Strength Quiz

People enjoy gaining insights into themselves

Personality tests are inherently rewarding because of the urge to learn more about ourselves. Our cyber strengths test harnesses these self awareness desires. We help your users gain awareness of both their strengths and weaknesses and potential risks that they may face on account of those. Start off your awareness campaign with an assessment that provides both awareness and measurable results.


Quick and easy online personality quiz.

Instant individual report with security tips specific to user’s profile.

Security questions raise awareness.


Effective way to engage users with security awareness.

“Security Score” – metrics of overall security maturity.

Plan targeted training for different profiles.

Course Catalogue – Inspire your users

Something Phishy

Popcorn Training’s “Something Phishy” Security Awareness series are multiple training episodes connected by a continuing story line.  This fun, story-based training engages viewers in a playful manner, drops their defenses and allows key messages to be absorbed into long-term memory.  Each episode covers one particular theme, thereby avoiding information overload and can be delivered stand-alone via its own little story. A continuing storyline connects all modules to each other.

Cyber Heroes

Would you take the bait in a cyber attack or are you a cyber hero?

Cyber Heroes is a humorous and light hearted series which takes viewers on a journey with reformed cybercriminal Norm, who has left his dark past behind and teaches users how to be cyber savvy.  We see his potential victims in attack scenarios and how their responses either turn them into cyber victims or cyber heroes.

Security Moments

Popcorn Training’s Security Moments provide a platform to raise awareness on hot security topics in a short space of time. Our 60-90 second video clips are ideal for executives and are small enough so they can even be distributed over email.

Why not make use of your social media platforms or smart phones to distribute these awareness videos to your employees?

Compliance Training

Our compliance awareness training episodes cover compliance and legal requirements through an engaging story based approach without losing the key elements users need to know.

Secure Coding

“Secure Coding” is a series of security awareness modules for web developers, business analysts or anyone involved in web applications. They focus on threats and controls that developers should be aware of when programming.  From these episodes web developers should understand how to implement security best practices such as those listed by OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).  Use Secure Coding as a once off awareness campaign, for annual re-enforcement or induction training.

Training Platforms

We can provide our content in various formats to suit your needs:

Popcorn Cloud

Our training solution delivered via the cloud is very user friendly and fun. Accessing videos, completing quiz/survey’s and generating reports. Popcorn Cloud allows for easy access to course material from anywhere at any time and engages users with dynamic Gamification features.

Client LMS

SCORM V.1.2 or 2004 compliant packages If you have an existing Learning Management System (LMS) onsite, we can provide courses in SCORM compliant packages for your integration. Packages include the videos as well as quiz questions.

Onsite Mini LMS

We have developed a fun mini LMS application called “SecureToon” which can be installed on your network for video and quiz delivery.

Gamification elements increase user engagement

Game elements are used to engage users and increase intrinsic motivation.  This helps improve user participation as well as improving how effectively users remember and apply the material.


Users can choose an individualized avatar.


Users view results on leaderboards and compare how they measure up against peers as individuals or within teams and departments.


Users complete quizzes while racing against their peers.


Badges are used to provide immediate and fun feedback.

Your security-in-a-box, your way

Campaign Management

With over 10 years experience in running security campaigns in both large and small corporates, we can offer campaign management support for rolling out your security awareness program. This includes communication and campaign planning as well as launch day activations and other marketing activities.

Our campaigns follow the PROSCI ADKAR change management model to enable positive behavior change in your users.

Out of the box

Generic versions of all video and print materials are available as open files for an instant ready to go campaign. These versions contain all necessary messaging and learning for a complete security awareness campaign and can be modified by your in house designers.


All of our video materials can be customized to include your company logo and company specific messages, such as policy items or incident response details. Marketing materials such as posters, mailers and web content are designed according to your company’s corporate identity requirements. Additional customization to include specific messaging is possible at additional cost.

Marketing Material

We offer a comprehensive kit of marketing materials to reinforce your campaign, with an option to customise material to suit your organisation’s needs.

  • Communicate key learning through themed posters
  • Widespread awareness
  • Repetition of key learning messages
  • Available in comic or corporate styles


  • Lighthearted and informative to ensure reader engagement
  • Repetition of key learning messages
  • Monthly subscriptions available

Who doesn’t love a comic? Grab a cup of coffee and giggle over the monthly security comic strip.

  • Cartoon story based, humorous
  • Repetition of key learning messages
  • Security made fun


  • Infographic representation of key messages
  • Can be used as poster, mailer or flyer


  • Piques user curiosity
  • Ensures interest and user participation in campaign


  • Make sure your message reaches every user
  • Available in various resolutions


  • Intranet banners to direct users to your training
  • Increase campaign awareness
  • Alerting users to scams and threats on the internet
  • Tips on how to stay safe

We continuously update, expand and develop new content material.  Contact us for info on our Campaign kits.