Cyber Heroes

Each episode comes with a set of interactive quiz questions, reinforcing key messages and testing learners’ comprehension

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Don’t take the Bait

Phishing, Spear-Phishing, Vishing

Internet Threats

Internet usage, threats, Drive by downloads

Cloud Security

Threats, safe use of cloud applications

Mobile Mayhem – USB Aware

Mobile devices, threats, USB sticks, unencrypted laptops

Dicey Devicey

BYOD Security, Info Awareness, PIN, policy, remote wipe

Social Media Fever

Social media threats and risks; social media use at work and policy elements

Pass the Password

Social engineering, Password policy

Freaky Leaky

Data Leakage threats; use of confidential information

The Cyber Heroes Cast

Featuring Rick Less, Norm Orecrime and the real Robbin Yodata