Our company

We have suffered death by PowerPoint many times and feel that understanding policy requirements doesn’t need to be overwhelming for the user. This inspired us to create security awareness training that is entertaining, effective and most importantly memorable.

By engaging users and making security personally relevant, we enable behavior change and teach cyber vigilance.

Our combined experience and qualifications in security and governance, information technology, training, corporate communications, psychology, change management and marketing allows us translate complex security subjects into relevant, simple and memorable training material.

“Smart way of informing employees about security risks, catchy!”

Our Approach

A picture is worth a thousand words and we believe a good story is worth a thousand training sessions.

We create stories that apply key learning points to the working environment; they explain potential threats, as well as how and why policies need to be complied with and what the expected behaviour should be.

Key messages in our stories are based on industry best practice and include elements of security frameworks such as ISO 27001, industry standards such as PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) and regulations such as Privacy laws (PPI).

“Key messages in our stories are based on industry best practice”

Story based training works

Listening to a story actually changes our brain function; biochemical changes take place in the brain; decreasing the levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) promoting relaxation and reducing stress. This creates an optimal mental state for retaining new information.

People don't just think, they also feel

People don’t just think, they also feel. This is why stories and real experiences are so powerful; we remember stories, they engage our emotions, trigger our imagination and motivate us into action.

How people remember

People remember only 4 items at once in working memory, provided they have focused attention. We are also social animals and learn best when messages are related to familiar situations.  This is why our stories are short and focused on 4 key messages that apply to the working environment. By tying key messages together in a story, it is much easier to assimilate into long-term memory than a list of policy information that needs to be remembered.

Meet the Management Team

Anna Collard

CEO & Founder

Sacha O'Reilly

Business Development

The Extended Popcorn Training Team

We work with a team of skilled 2D Animators, who have previously worked on major internationally televised cartoon productions (including Disney productions); experienced and award winning Sound Engineers and talented Voice Over Artists. Our gifted, creative Graphic and Web Designers ensure we customize marketing material according to our client’s corporate identity.

Our Partners

Social Responsibility

We have pledged to donate a percentage of our profits every year to Cape Town based NGO “The Carpenter’s Shop” and are very fortunate to be able to contribute to a cause that supports the education and training of individuals in need.

The latest addition to The Carpenter’s Shop training offerings is a basic computer skills training for which we sit on the advisory board. Thank you for all our customer’s support over the years.

The Carpenter’s Shop is committed to providing academically disadvantaged people with skills for entry-level jobs, so that they can change their lives from dependency to independence. For more info go to www.thecarpentersshop.org.za

Media Room

Scammed out of my Car

Here is an example of social engineering at its best, and unfortunately it happened to someone we know! We all know that feeling we get when we experience terrible customer service, and one of the best places to express dismay with a brand, is on Social Media. A...

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KnowBe4 expands into South Africa by acquiring Popcorn Training

KnowBe4, the world’s largest security awareness training and simulated phishing platform, announced the acquisition of Popcorn Training, a security company based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. The acquisition will add fifty-two new training modules to the KnowBe4 library. Popcorn will operate as an independent subsidiary of KnowBe4.

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Facebook Ad Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT!   It may seem hard to believe, here at Popcorn, we keep ourselves up to date on the latest scams so that we can educate and protect you, but sometimes even one of us can get caught off guard.  This is our Operations Manager’s story: “It all started with a...

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Bitcoin Scam Alert

DON’T LET BUYING BITCOIN BITE YOU! Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are quite the buzzwords. As with all things shiny and new, a lack of awareness around threats involved creates a perfect playground for cybercriminals and fraudsters. Crypto-coins are high on the list of...

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Cyber Monday – Scam Alert

Shop Cyber Safe this Festive Season Whether you are taking advantage of the crazy Cyber Monday sales or your Christmas planning, one can’t deny the increasing appeal to shop from the comfort of your own home and avoid the manic malls at this time of year. However, as...

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Bad Rabbit – Scam Alert

RASCALLY RABBIT The latest cyber-attack has seen computers go down all over the world. Dubbed ‘Bad Rabbit’ this ransomware locks users out of their computers and demands a ransom before allowing the user to regain access. It bears similarities to the WannaCry and...

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SA Data Leak – Survival Guide

SCAM ALERT! The biggest data leak in South African history! That’s what is being published in the media. It sounds scary, and it is. But what does it really mean and how can you protect yourself against this if it happens again?The leaked data contains the ID numbers‚...

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SIM Swap Scam Alert

SCAM ALERT! How  does it work? Criminals trick you into divulging your online banking login details such as PIN and password via cleverly constructed cyber-attacks such as: Targeted phishing scams Using malicious software Using fake apps that pretend to be your...

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Scam Alert – Instagram Data Leak

When the media sharing platform, Instagram, was hacked early September this year, initially it was thought only celebrity data was compromised, however, over time it’s emerged that the hack affected as many as 6 million accounts. According to reports, a bug in the...

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