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Popcorn Training, a KnowBe4 company

Popcorn Training are content creators of award-winning security awareness content, using story based learning techniques that are effective, engaging, fresh and relevant to our South African audience. Since the acquisition by KnowBe4 in 2018, all of Popcorn Training’s content is available on KnowBe4’s award-winning LMS platform. KnowBe4 is the world’s largest integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platform with over tens of thousands of customers. Click here to find out more about KnowBe4.

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Our Approach

A picture is worth a thousand words, we believe that a good story is worth a thousand training sessions.

Why story based training works

Story-based learning provides an emotional connection with learners which promotes effective understanding and information retention.

People don’t just think - they also feel

We are more inclined to remember stories, they engage our emotions, trigger our imagination and motivate us into action.

How people remember

We learn best when messages are related to familiar situations. This is why our stories are short and focused on 4 key messages.

Free Content

Don't Be Like Rick

Take 2 minutes and learn how to check the legitimacy of links received on your mobile device

A Goliath Hack

Find out more about e-mail impersonation scams behind the Goliath hack and how to protect yourself

Security Activity Kit for kids

Workbook, poster and video module available to help families teach children how to protect themselves from online dangers

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Content & Course Catalogue - take a sneak peek

We inspire users with our memorable content. When you sign up for the Popcorn Training material you also have access to the corresponding marketing material. For each module, we have a poster, banner and article.

Don't Be Like Rick

Join your favourite Cyber Heroes: Rick, Jolene and Robbin as they explore how to stay safe while working remotely and navigating the African bush

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StandUps 4 Security

A live-action comedy series featuring SA’s stand-up comedy stars. The Goliath’s, Nina Hastie & Loyiso Madinga make a range of security threats come alive

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Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials, are micro-modules on different topics such as Information Security 101, Cryptocurrency, Cyberbullying and more

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Building Secure Software

Based on OWASP secure coding principles, these awareness modules were written for today’s software engineers

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Industrial Control Systems & SCADA

Industrial Control Systems (ICS) are increasingly under threat. Engineers, Managers & Operators can now learn how to keep them safe

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Games & Gamified Content

Gamified content improves the learning experience. Have fun while you learn how to spot a phishing attack or create a strong password

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Cyber Heroes

Join Norm O’Crime as he teaches your staff about the dangers of cyber crime. All in a short story based format to facilitate staff to become cyber heroes

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Data Privacy

Make privacy personal through our character-based stories. We tackle the complex world of GDPR and more through engaging, real-life scenarios

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Something Phishy

This playful cartoon animated series will take your users on a security journey with easily identifiable characters and learnings embedded in the story

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Cyber Strengths Quiz

Our Cyber Strengths Quiz is an interactive personality quiz that allows users to gain insight into their personality traits and how these relate to online risks.

Quick and easy online personality quiz engages users

Instant individual report with security tips specific to user’s profile.

“Security score” provides baseline to plan further security awareness training campaigns

Your Complete Security Awareness Training Program

Enable your users to make smarter security decisions every day - with our easy to use and fully integrated phishing simulation & training platform KMSAT.

Popcorn Training Content

All of Popcorn Training's content is available on the KnowBe4 modstore.

South African Phishing Templates

We are also expanding KnowBe's 2000+ phishing templates with local is lekker South African phishing templates.

Free security test

Find out what percentage of your employees are Phish-prone with our free test.

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